The Silence 1952


The Silence (Lenin’s Bureau) 1952
Oil on Canvas 40 x 60cm

Lenin’s Bureau (A painting with a story)

Painted in 1952, this work was judged licentious by the government panel in charge of reviewing paintings created by professional artists to ensure their “conformism”.

As a fact, the lack of light wished by the artist in an unassuming theatrical décor, the general atmosphere of the small room, the halo of the green light able to alight the empty armchair, and the desk with a book opened framed by translucent blue curtains, everything comes together to justify the laconic expression from the public servant judge:

“It is silence”

Only the invisible exists in the room.

And the painting was refused for that reason.


The unseen spirit coming from the darkness in the right part of the painting moves slightly the light curtains, boundary between ignorance and knowledge. Strongly lit, obvious in the center of the composition, the book of Knowledge opened for studying is waiting for its reader. The comfortable chair in the foreground, well made for studying, is waiting for its user. The green light irradiates. The light of Knowledge might follow the student’s rhythm of thoughts and reasoning power.


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