Still life with Phloxes 1969


Phloxes 1969
Oil on Canvas 87-x 67

Despite its laconic title, through the incomparable harmony created by the beautiful tones of colour; this still life is like a hymn to life and beauty.

As a symbol, the dominant sonority of the red tablecloth brings an exalted note to the prosaic atmosphere of the still life.

On the lower part of the canvas, twigs of emerald green bend graciously; light and supple, they appear like a low key melody. A handful of phloxes show extremely delicate pink tones. The green and white of the jug brings its intonation to a contrasted rhythm.

Yet, the strongest voice belongs to the major protagonist on the painting – an enormous bunch of phloxes, in a bright nacre color – bringing an effusion of prayer and joy to the final vertical chord. This choir is orchestrated by the golden background where abstract flowers are melting and float like a soft light cloud.

On the painting, the extreme virtuosity of this musical offering expresses the divine principle, at each moment going to the heart of man’s existence.

Generously, the artist offers to share with the spectator an emotion he perceives so intensely himself.

 Valentina Azarkovich

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