Still Life Decorative 1970


Nature Morte Decorative 1970
Oil on Canvas 95 x 75

In the 1970s, the artist worked on a series of “decorative” still-lives.

They marked a new step in the artist’s response to the challenges posed by the genre.

It was a total divergence from the traditional classic form both by the composition of the painting and by the approach towards the object; which is not treated as the most essential element in the picture.

Through the general rhythm of the painting and the arrangement of colour and form, the still life became for the artist a way to express his state of mind, as brilliantly demonstrated in the decorative still life of 1970. A palette of rose and white dominates; interacting with the shapes and curved creases of the drapes. Filling almost the whole space on the canvass, the objects on the drapes suggest a secret movement. On the center, our eye moves over the oval of a bright plate.

Further up, two creases looking like seagull’s wings carry us outside the canvas. The exquisite color and the free composition provoke in the onlooker a feeling of serenity, an optimistic view about the happy events in life.

Hannah Ralkhenstein

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