Review 2 1985


Writer and journalist

Sergei Avksentevich KOLYADA’s life is totally tied to Moscow which is at once: his inspiration; his adoration and his sorrow; his house and his “nature”, his workshop…

…Kolyada never was and never will be a pompous painter. His work is totally hostile to an easy pathos.

…He is pure and sincere on every one of his canvasses and it is why real Muscovites are so deeply affected by his vision of Moscow – they are especially attracted by paintings which picture scenes of familiar streets. Even today, one can recognise some of these areas, lost forever to us, now replaced and subdued by high rise buildings.

…We owe a great deal to Moscow, even if it is only for the pleasure of living here and being its children…But who, among us, can claim frankly that they have personally helped their native city?

Sergei Kolyada will never mention his participation, but his works are not only an artist’s account, they are also the proof of his civic sense. And, everything that Muscovites could not save, Kolyada created it in his paintings, that is to say, he immortalised them for future generations.

…This is where one can discover the unique character of  Kolyada’s work.

The artist studied Moscow’s archives in depth. It is why we not only look at the paintings with pleasure, but we also read them with a particular historical interest.

…Therefore, every exhibition of Kolyada’s works reveals an importance aesthetic as well as scientific …

…The artist gives us the rare opportunity to discover with him preserved areas, offering our eyes an original image of the city.

…In some century old places, so dear to Muscovites, one could see – in any type of weather, in front of his easel, a white haired artist – tall and slim for his age. Some ten years later, he would tell you he was creating islets of Moscow for himself.

…Thus, painted over a few years were born a set of paintings, most likely unique in their kind.

…The master’s talent and passionate love for Moscow are the two forces that join together to allow us to rediscover the town of our youth…

… It is easy to say “I love Moscow.”  It is much more difficult to make someone love Moscow. Kolyada has not only created his works with much love, he was also concerned with the history of these different places, and, today, some of these areas exist only on the painter’s canvasses.

…Moscow’s history with its streets and its houses has its source in a far away past (more than eight centuries) and it is why the city and its creators – generations of Muscovites, deserve the utmost respect.

…Kolyada’s exhibition is a foremost example of such an attitude towards Moscow.

Writer and journalist

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