Irinneskaya Street

Irinneskaya Street, 1978 Oil on board, 50 x 70 cm

Irinneskaya Street, 1978
Oil on board, 50 x 70 cm

This powerful landscape is a scene of great emotional impact. The scene of destruction could have been created by a war or fire or storm. Strong colors in hues of red create a passionate mood which the artist uses to depict the derelict buildings and demonstrates the tragic fate of this commercial areas since gone for ever.

A short distance away stands an old elegant church painted in subtle tones bringing some appeasement to the scene. Yet, the black domes of the church echo the colours of the wall cut in the foreground and warn us of the possible total disappearance of this landscape. As with many of the artist’s works, the few human onlookers can hardly be noticed among the ruins.

Will they totally disappear from the scenery once the fateful destruction has occurred?

Do they feel they are unable to stop the irremediable destruction of the old buildings?

It is a bleak landscape yet beautiful in its rendering of a tragic situation. Kolyada felt it was his duty to brush for posterity a scene he knew would soon disappear for ever.

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