Goncharakh Church

  Goncharakh Church, 1965, oil on board, 68 x 50 cm

Goncharakh Church, 1965
Oil on board, 68 x 50 cm

There are no human figures in this piece but for two silhouettes in front of the church.  The frailty of human presence symbolises the disparagement of certain aspects of Russian civilisation.

The dense asphalt road becomes central to the picture as a depiction of strength, yet no one stands on the road.  It is a strong road, made to carry large crowds busy with activity.  Yet the road is travelled by a non-existent crowd.  The beautiful old church stands just around the corner welcoming no onlookers, no human activity or movement.

Is the church just enduring a period of waiting until the crowds traverse the road again, or is it unfortunately deserted for ever?

What will the consequences be of so much emptiness?

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