Lilacs 1989


Lilacs 1989
Oil on Canvas 80 x 61

A few twigs of freshly cut lilacs emerge from the narrow neck of the vase.  Painted “in one go”, the vivid colors and quick brushstrokes establish the supple and soft shapes; almost palpably.

The key to this painting lies in its composition. Strange drapes with contrasting red, blue and white colors circle the brown clay vase. Vigorous creases in the fabric evoke the great masters of the Renaissance whose Art inspired this painting, but the affinity stops there and the twentieth century begins.

The drapes envelop the objects like a mysterious veil. The vase becomes fragile, the lilacs spirit awakes. Among the drapes, they seem swamped in the ineffable blue of the background.

It is almost like contemplating an image surging forth from the secret cave of the universe, propelled by the dynamism of a whirlwind in motion.

In this, one can sense the artist’s own quest to understand the presence of a supreme force.

Hannah Ralkhenstein

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