Catalogue Extract 1980

Solo Exhibition  GLINKA MUSEUM

At last Moscow, at last landscapes…! The age, the lifelong hardships, the spiritual concentration led to a Work of Art where the essential elements crystallised.

But what fed the consciousness of these landscapes?



The 19th century?

Real life tragedies?

Faith in humanity?

Moscow’s provincial age-old virtues?

Built in white stones as we can appreciate in works by Venetsiatov or Borissov-Moussatov?

The austerity of edifices built under Nicholas the First, where we can feel a military discipline?

Or the very different crowd we can see in today’s Kirovskaya Street?

At first, the artist was preoccupied by the history of these buildings, but he came to create the poetry of the unpredictable. His hand was guided by life itself, with all its events. This happened especially when the artist reached maturity and felt the desire to express himself.

This series of “Old Moscow” paintings are polyphonic in their content, and the empty streets are as eloquent as the houses.

The “Old Moscow” is disappearing, a period is disappearing. The soul is suffering with the memories of the past. It is shouting how empty culture is without its past.

Youri Zlotnikov

Artist, 1980

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