Sergei Avksentevich KOLYADA (1907 – 1996)


1907 Sergei KOLYADA’s birth in Moscow
1924 End of Secondary Studies.
1925 Admitted to Nikolai Krymov’s Studio in Moscow.
1926 – 1930 Studied at the Institute Superior for Arts and Techniques
(Vhutemas-Vhutein)Under David Shterenberg and S.Guerassimov.Final Thesis painting: “Funerals of the Revolution’s Victims” (Location unknown).
1931 Member of the Society of Easel Artists (OST)
1932 Dissolution of the OST by the government. The various artists’ syndicates are regrouped in a single syndicate the “AHRR”.Lives and works in an artists’ community and continues to paint according to his own inspiration.
1933 Expelled from “AHRR” for formalism, just like Malevich, Drevine, Filonov and others.
1945 A great number of his early paintings are destroyed in a fire at his parents’ house.
1945 – 1947 Co-founder of the Society of  painters from the Moscow region and of the Union of Painters of the Russian Federation (Moscow area).
1950’s Artistic missions at Pouchinsky Gory, and in the Kolkhozes of the Moscow region
1968 Member of the Union of Painters of the USSR. Started to paint “his” old Moscow.
1990-1991 Travels, paints and exhibits in Australia.
1991-1994 Travels, paints and exhibits in France (Etretat, Paris, Angers, Dinard).
1996 Died in Moscow.


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